Izmira Tawfeek

Custom made designs

Information about the designer and collections        

 Izmira Tawfeek was born, raised and resides in Harlem New York. After attending Fashion Industries High school, Izmira went on to pursue a degree in forensic psychology from John Jay College. Izmira began her quest to create custom made clothing in 2009 after realizing that her passion was to make clothing that were affordable yet appealing to a variety of clientele. Izmira herself is a tall, woman with curves. Izmira realized that all people, specifically women, are born differently and therefore shaped differently and that there is not a real "one size fits all" cookie cutter mold. Izmira takes us back to the days of custom made clothing that allow the buyer to feel attractive and comfortable, knowing that the clothing can fit properly to their body no matter the shape.

 Izmira began the ClassySexCouture line to display a variety of works that empowered women and the feminine form. This line features colorful form hugging garments that will make any woman feel as high class as she looks. Elegance is key within this line.

Izmira expects that her line will expand to children’s and men’s wear in the near future.


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